Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of activating account on Customer Portal?

  • Easy access to policy related details
  • Single access of all policies
  • Online Transactions as below
    1. Fund Switch
    2. Premium Redirection
    3. Address change
    4. Credit card updation
    5. Nominee updation
    6. NEFT updation
    7. Premium Payment Frequency change
    8. Update Credit card expiry details
    9. Policy Revival (360 days from Premium due date)
    10. Pan updation
    11. Revalidation & Reissuance
  • Generate/Email Premium Certificates (tax purposes)
  • Generate/Email Unit Statements
  • Pay Premium Online
  • Payment Summary
  • Payout History
  • Raise Service Requests

How do I access Policy Statements?

  • Below mentioned policy statements can be accessed by selecting the policy number (in case of multiple policies linked).
    1. Premium Certificate – provides the premium paid towards the policy during a particular Financial Year.
    2. Unit Performance - provides the details of the fund value and the transactions regarding the same. (Applicable only for ULIP policies)
    3. Policy Statement - provides complete information on your policy

If I have multiple policies, how can I link them?

  • The policies can be linked for the below scenarios:
    You are the Insured or You are the Policy Owner (in case of juvenile policies)
  • Click on the ‘Enroll Policies’ link post logging in your User Id and enter the Policy Number to be enrolled
  • On successful verification, policy will be linked to the User ID and details of all the linked policies will be available

What is the process of linking Juvenile policies?

  • In case more than 1 policy is linked to the User ID and one of the policy is a juvenile (Insured less than 18 years of age) policy, then the following process will be followed –
    1. The juvenile policy will get delinked from the User ID once the juvenile attains 18 years
    2. A separate User ID for the juvenile will need to be created by going through the "New User" process.
    3. In case all the policies in the User ID pertain to the same juvenile, there will be no change in the process

What is the process incase I Forgot my User ID?

  • Incase you have forgotten your User ID you can send an SMS to us in below format to retrieve the User Id
  • SMS UID 10 digit policy number to 5676799 (charges apply) Eg: SMS UID U123456789 to 5676799
  • Alternatively, click on the Forgot User ID link on the Login page. The details needs to be entered and on successful verification the User ID shall be e-mailed to the Activateed email ID (NRI) or mobile number (Non NRI)
  • The details required are as below:
    1. Policy number
    2. DOB &
    3. Mobile No. or Email id.

What is the process incase I Forgot my Password?

  • In case you have forgotten your Password, click on the Forgot Password link on the Login page.
  • You have to select your residential status; whether NRI or Non NRI. NRI customers will receive their OTP in their registered email while others will receive through SMS on their registered mobile.
  • The below details need to be entered and on successful verification, a new password needs to be entered to login:
    1. User ID
    2. Date of Birth (as per Primary policy*)
    3. Registered Email ID / Mobile Number
  • On providing a wrong Password for 5 successive attempts the user ID gets locked and the “Forgot password” procedure needs to be followed to unlock the same

* Primary Policy no is the first policy for which the User ID was created / Selected by you

Unable to access the links or features on website?

  • The website can be best viewed with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (version 10+), Mozilla/Firefox (version 32+) or Safari (version 7+)
  • Incase the browser issues still persist, refresh the page [press F5]
  • Note: You will not be able to view your details on clicking on the 'Back' button

How do I get in touch with customer care?

  • In case you face any problems while transacting on our online account, you can mail us at customercare@tataaia.com take a screen shot of the problem you are facing and save the screen shot in a document (i.e .doc or .jpeg etc) send the document along with the details of the issued faced.
  • Call us on our helpline number 1-860-266-9966 (Mon to Sat 9AM to 9PM IST). NRI customers can call on +91 80 67603700 (Mon to Sat 9AM to 9PM)
  • Visit our nearest branch with your queries/concerns